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Case Summary 004/2023

CCJA Case 004/2023_ An unilateral termination of a lease before the end of the initially agreed contract can be considered an abusive termination On January 22nd, 2010, La Paix SA and Total Marketing Tchad entered into a professional lease agreement for a duration of 5 years, renewable by tacit agreement. At the beginning of the […]

The Enterprise in OHADA Law

Memo_ The Enterprise in OHADA LawThe Uniform Act on General Commercial Law (UA-GCL) regulates the operation (I) as well as the transfer (II) of an entreprise under OHADA law.I_ Modes of Operation of an EntrepriseAn entreprise can be operated directly by the merchant (A) or be subject to a lease management (B).A_ Direct Operation of […]

Specific provisions regarding certain trade intermediaries in OHADA law

Memo_ The specific provisions regarding certain trade intermediaries in OHADA lawThe Uniform Act on General Commercial Law (UA-GCL) organizes the regime of trade intermediaries by establishing not only the general framework but also highlighting the specific characteristics of certain trade intermediaries operating within the OHADA zone. The Act makes a distinction between intermediaries who remain […]

Computerisation of services in OHADA Law

Memo_Computerisation of Services in OHADA Law The Uniform Act relating to General Commercial Law (UA-GCL) in its amended version of 2010 added a book on the computerization of the Register of Commerce and Securities (RCS), the national and regional registers. These provisions shall apply to the formalities or requests provided for in that uniform act, […]