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127-Application for Revision of the ICJ Judgment of September 11th, 1992 (El Salvador vs Honduras)

On September 10th, 2002, El Salvador filed a request for revision of the Judgment delivered on September 11th, 1992 by a Chamber of the International Court of the Justice (ICJ) in the case concerning the Land, Island and Maritime Frontier Dispute (El Salvador/Honduras: Nicaragua intervening).

In its judgment of December 18th, 2003, the ICJ began by ensuring that the request for revision met the conditions of article 61 of the Court’s Statute, which provides that the request must be based on the ”discovery” of a fact, unknown to both the party requesting the review and the Court at the time the judgment was given” and which is of ”such a nature as to be a decisive factor” on the outcome of the case.

In this instance, none of the elements submitted was of such nature as to exert a decisive influence of the outcome of the judgement of September 11th, 1992. It was therefore non necessary for the Court to pursue its analysis any further.The ICJ dismissed the request for revision.

Judgment of 18-12-2003.pdf

This summary of the facts of this case and the proceedings is only proposed for informational purposes, does not engage Dome in any way and cannot replace the careful reading of the judgments and orders of the case.